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The process begins with gaining a deep understanding about you and your company then translating that understanding into a clear message that connects your company’s brand and culture with the right candidates. This message is key to successfully bringing the very best candidates to the table, every time.






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Use a proven approach that gets results.

Break free from that cycle of unqualified candidates and build a winning team of top performers in every position.

We understand the heavy burden of having open positions with the pressures of finding the right talent that matches your company’s needs.

Too often companies make the mistake of going it alone or hiring the wrong recruiter and wasting valuable time not getting candidates or interviewing candidates that aren’t right for the job.

The key to a great recruiter is in the ability to match and bring qualified candidates quickly.

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Retained or Engaged vs Contingent

Retained and Engaged searches are more of a consultative partnership between the recruiter and the client company that is looking to fill a position.

The quality of the search goes up significantly since the recruiter manages a smaller book of clients that they work with. They are paid some money up front to do the search so they are not working at risk.

Contingent searches tend to run hot and cold based on the recruiters’ attention span and how fast they can fill positions.

If the position takes longer to fill, oftentimes they will push it off until they “get back to it” because a new search came in and they think they can fill faster. They only get paid for what they fill so they run from search to search. Looking for the fastest and easiest to fill positions.

Often the company will engage a few contingent recruiters to hedge their bets
on a faster process and only have to pay one of the firms for the final hire.

Why Engaged Or Retained Search

High priority & level of focus:

Having the recruiter paid something upfront engages a higher priority level of intention to fill. It allows the recruiter to focus on the search and not “chase the next search.

Lower risk of bad hires

Quality Quality Quality! Searches done this way are designed around more time to get better candidates. This leads to a higher caliber team from a higher caliber source. The candidate retention.

Not hiring fastest, hiring the Best

Best available instead of the first available. By submitting the best available you are showcasing your company as a best-in-class organization.

Wider search selection

Looking in places contingent recruiters don’t have the time to look. Not just looking at those in a database, Resume posters, or job posting responders. This search includes sourcing people that are passive. Open to talking but not looking for a new position.

Highly Niched Candidates

A retained or engaged search gives you a clear advantage when it comes to a deep Niche or needing a specialist in recruiting needs.

Highly proactive

Retained searches by design are much more proactive and not just posting a position and waiting for the calls. Additional research goes into every search to find the best target candidate.

Access to resources

Most companies don’t have the resources and in some cases, HR does not have the time or knowledge to search at this level. Let’s face it, HR is one of the busiest intersections in any company. Working as a team to help be a resource for them is the best outcome.

Vetted and screened candidates

A great reason to do a search this way is for candidate vetting. You know that the candidate has been pre-screened and is already for your review. You only talk with candidates that match your pre-screen questions and are a superior match to your expectations.


Since you are in a consultative partnership. You get real-time feedback that helps you to evaluate in real-time.

Curious about what people say about us & our services?​

I was very impressed by the quality of the candidates and the speed with which they were presented. I would happily work with Financial Recruiters International again.
General Counsel, Finance Division of a Leading Bank
Kevin was excellent. He worked hard to find qualified candidates and followed up consistently.
Vice President & Regional Manager, Large Regional Southeast Bank
Alexander Raymond stands alone in preparation and identifying “good fits.
President, $5 Billion Midwest Bank
Kevin, thank you for the work you have done for our company in filling several key positions. Your brought good candidates, followed up diligently, and provided good counsel on evaluating the candidates. I will contact you for future positions that we have.
President & CEO, National Trust Company
Kevin continues to deliver elite service. He is reliable, politely aggressive and has grown to understand my business. Most importantly, he presents qualified candidates who are both capable of and interested in my positions.
Division President, Top 5 Financial Services Company